About Us


On behalf of all of our team, I am delighted to welcome you and tell you a little bit about Formitize.

Our Development Team and System Architects spent nearly two years building, testing and fine tuning the Formitize systems to ensure that when our clients relied on us, we over delivered every time on our core objectives.

Four Core Objectives

We were resolved from day one that Formitize would be:

  1. 1. Technically the best in the world
  2. 2. Absolutely dependable at all times
  3. 3. Loaded with powerful features that are really simple to use, and
  4. 4. Integration friendly - working with others that are the best at what they do.

We Love It!

We love what we do and the drive to remain the very best provides great motivation for us and in turn, great value for our clients.

Our rapid growth and amazing portfolio of clients is a great testament to the approach that we have taken with customers ranging from the smallest of sole traders through to government agencies and many of the world’s largest corporations.

Global Strength with Local Support

We now operate in more than two hundred and fifty industries right across the globe with offices and representatives in the United States, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, the Philippines and the United Kingdom and more than two hundred Accredited Dealer Partners driving sales and technical expertise around the world.

We are very passionate about working smart and returning the trust our clients place in us by delivering tangible improvements in productivity, efficiencies and real-time reporting.

Incredible Innovation with Care

We are extremely proud of our Product Development Team who are constantly bursting with innovative concepts, features and capabilities to keep us well and truly the market leader. They are supported by our Client Activation Team and Support Teams that are both outstanding at what they do and receive consistent praise from our clients.

Powerful, Simple & Environmentally Awesome

We are all about powerful solutions, kept simple and the paperless, real-time reporting elements add not just instant business value, but are already having a hugely positive impact on the environment with literally millions of pieces of paper saved.

Our No Risk Approach

It’s important to note that we put our money where our mouth is by delivering your demonstration Proof of Concept Account for free and at our risk - we clearly prove that all of your requirements can be delivered by actually doing it first. Additionally, there is no lock in contract or minimum commitment period - we need to earn your business every single month.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward very much to serving you well.

Matt Burge


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