Formitize App

Smart, Accurate Mobile Forms

All Platforms Provides Complete Flexibility

Don’t be restricted by mobile platforms - the App is available across Android, Apple and Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 devices providing incredible flexibility. Users can download the App for free from anywhere in the world, enter their login credentials and be fully operational in under a minute.

So Powerful yet So Easy to Use

Users come from all walks of life with varying degrees of interaction with technology so we ensure that all elements of the App are designed to be as user friendly and intuitive as possible. Fresh, clean design and step by step navigation means any team can be up and running in minutes.

Online or Offline

We live in a mobile world and internet connectivity cannot always be relied on in the field so all elements have been designed to work perfectly without internet connection. Full offline capability with all logic and rules maintained. External reference / data lookup databases cached, Auto 15 second backup during data entry, auto caching and syncing, optional Offline Mode selection.

Beautifully Branded

Impress your team and clients alike with your professionally designed and branded App. Different logos can be used on the login screen and at the top of each form to provide a great look and the color of the App can be customized to your corporate color delivering a white- labelled solution that presents your brand consistently and professionally.


Smart mobile forms create everything your old paper forms used to collect, plus a whole lot more - quickly and accurately. More than 20 smart features can be added to ensure you are collecting the information you need in a smooth, easy to follow process.

On Screen Signatures

Collect customer and employee signatures quickly and easily with On screen signatures which are then stored as a record and automatically embedded in the correct location in your PDF or report. Signatures can be made mandatory so that the form can’t be submitted until all signatures are collected.

Automated Time & Date Stamping

Integrated Time and Date stamping provides both time saving and additional accountability benefits. Use your paperless forms to auto-populate the Time and Date fields to save time and ensure greater accuracy.

The App is also a very powerful time sheet or time logging tool. Compare the actual time logged to the User input to ensure greater accountability and accuracy from your mobile workforce.

Drawing & Diagrams

It’s true that a picture tells a thousand words. Not only can you take a photo and draw over the top, the Advanced Drawing feature also enables you to import images or diagrams and draw over them. The perfect tool for updating site plans or floor plans, showing pain points and so much more. A drag and drop icon legend is also available.


The Jobs section of the App shows all Jobs assigned to the User together with all job details and associated forms. The status of jobs are monitored giving management incredible visibility of all activities. Users receive a notification whenever a new Job is assigned and if travel is involved, will include route guidance from current location to the job site.

Resources eLibrary

Have all company documents, safety policies, sales literature and more instantly to hand. Upload the document via your Management Portal and all mobile users have instant access latest version of all documentation. An automated reminder system is included to advise when a document is approaching expiry - The perfect Version Control tool!

Other App Features include:

Secure, User Friendly Experience

Powerful, Super Fast Application
App Style Menu system that is simple and intuitive
Auto 15 second backup during form entry
Auto caching and syncing
Manual Save option
Automatic version update
Kiosk Mode for repeating form entry
Food Safety Mode for rapid re-entry processes

Integrated Media Capture

Photo Capture - single or multiple
Import Photo / Image and draw
Photo library select and import
Photo Image Time, Date and GPS capture
Barcode scanning
QR code scanning
Integrated Voice Recording
Voice to Text transfer
In-App URL link to video or other sites

GPS & Location Tracking

Location capture via device GPS
Reporting on submission GPS location
Job GPS and map positioning
Job sequence tracking

Mobile Payments

Integrated Payment Gateway
Take instant card payment without leaving the app
Can be integrated directly into Invoice or Work Order type forms

Photo Tagging & Searching

Photos can be auto-tagged with Form Field information
Sample tags: Time, Date, Location, Client, User, Before, After
Photos can then be searched on Tag criteria
Photo Stream presents photos as they are submitted from the field
Live stream is a great feature to show before and after photos from job site

The Ultimate Free Trial

No Upfront Fee, No Credit Card, No Contract, No Risk - just a great Free Trial.