Customer Relationship Management

Bring all of your Jobs, Tasks, Forms, Customer Communications, Quotes, Invoices, Purchases and Scheduling together in one powerful customer management solution.Managing your customer relationships has never been easier with the fully integrated CRM. Improve efficiencies, monitor progress and enhance the level of communication across your business with one simple solution.

Interactive Timeline

The Interactive Timeline tracks and records all activities performed in the CRM with live links to the contact, note, contact details, document upload or task related to each activity making referral and review super fast.

Rapid, Professional Communications

One click communication to email, sms, create letter, call or create an internal task related to your contact. Smart templates save time, improve professionalism and pull in relevant CRM placeholder information for even faster, consistent communication with your customers. All communications stored together with notes and live links in the Communications History tab

Integrated Job Scheduler

Schedule your people and assets for one-off or recurring work or tasks with the fully integrated cloud scheduler. Monitor the status of all active jobs as they move through the workflow with scheduler, table or map view.

Fast Task Management

Create and assign Tasks with a few simple clicks. Tasks are tagged with contact information and stored against the client file and the Users Dashboard. Change the status and update the Tasks with ease. Screen pop reminders ensure nothing is ever missed and Users have a list of current tasks to work through. Full task history is maintained with live links to the activity.

Real-time Job Visibility

Monitor the status of all Jobs in real-time - both for specific clients in the Contact Page or from an overall business perspective. All jobs are visible and split by their current status from Assigned to Complete. Fast job creation pulls all contact details instantly into the job dispatcher and full integration with the Formitize app gives the field user job notifications, updates and job lists. All completed jobs stored against the contact record for instant review.

Instant Quotes, Invoices & Payments

Create Quotes and Invoices in seconds pulling in relevant line items and pricing. Powerful integrations with accounting software solutions like Xero provide real-time access to key client financial information including Amount Invoiced and Outstanding. See all transactions for both customers and suppliers without leaving the client page. Convert Quote to Invoice with one click and track the status of all related jobs without leaving the page.

Safe Store Documents & Photos

Upload photos, client documents, agreements, terms and conditions, operating policies, site and floor plans - any related document and store them securely in the client file. Even better, the CRM monitors the expiry date of any documents uploaded and automatically advises when they are approaching their expiry date..

Customise Your Contact Management

Add unlimited custom fields for locations and contacts alike to ensure you have visibility of the information that is right for your business. In addition to all Billing and Shipping details, the contacts section enables multiple contacts and multiple locations for each client all integrated with one click communications, GPS location and route guidance

Efficient Call Notes & Integrated Tasks

Click to open integrated call notes when speaking with customers. The call time and duration are automatically logged, call notes are taken and can be added to a task with one click. All call notes are stored against the call history and the notes history to ensure all communications are recorded and any required actions are instantly tasked

Automated Job Status Updates

Automatically update the client and your internal team with fully customizable updates on the status of the job and set them up for each different job type. Multiple, informative updates can be sent automatically by SMS, Email, Letter and Notification as the job progresses through the different stages keeping everyone impressively informed. For example when the job is assigned to a field user, an email automatically is sent to the customer confirming the appointment time and providing a photo of the technician scheduled.

Powerful Future Reminders

Automated future reminders for recurring or periodic work can be sent automatically at scheduled times from multiple sources. Fully customised Email, SMS, Letters and notifications for each different type of job can be automatically triggered to remind clients of future appointments ensuring your recurring revenues are maximised and clients are kept fully informed.

The Ultimate Free Trial

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