Form Builder

Form Builder

The simple to use “Drag and Drop” style Form Builder enables you to build your own form in minutes and deploy it instantly to your App.

Simple to use and no programming knowledge required, The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) format is a great guide and shows you how your App Form will look as you are building it.

Drag and Drop Icons

Build your form quickly and easily by dragging and dropping the relevant icons onto your form.

Form fields are divided into sections for quick identification including Structure, Entry Fields, Multiple Choice and Advanced.

Advanced Features

Add so much more value to your forms and data with the Advanced Features. These include Photo Collection, On Screen Signature, Automated Calculations, Advanced Drawing Tool, Card Payment, Weblink, Slider Function, Barcode and QR Code reader and Audio Recorder.

Save & Publish

Once you have completed your Form, hit “Save” and “Publish” and the form is live on your users accounts instantly, wherever they are in the world.

Workflows and Actions

Once the form is built, you can set up a range of workflows and actions, report generations and communications to automatically trigger. See the Workflows & Actions page for more details.

The Ultimate Free Trial

No Upfront Fee, No Credit Card, No Contract, No Risk - just a great Free Trial.

Free Trial