Powerful Features Simplified

Save time, money, and effort spent on paper documents, including printing, filing, archiving, and manually searching for the right document. Smart forms have each section ready to fill out, including checklists and dropdowns. Deal only with relevant sections and let your mobile forms develop their own direction as the responses are provided. Once the reports are built, you can schedule them to be automatically dispatched to different recipients at different times.

The Formitize App

As global leaders in mobile forms and data collection solutions, the powerful and feature rich Formitize App transforms your paper forms into smart mobile forms for Apple, Android and Windows devices that are so easy to use.

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The Management Portal

Formitize includes a secure, cloud-based Management Portal to manage your jobs, create and view forms, generate reports and so much more. Use as many of the features as you need.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Automate your business and manage your customers, jobs, quotes, invoicing, communications and history all in one simple but powerful (and fully integrated) CRM solution.

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Schedule People & Assets

Manage your People and your Assets with this powerful, fully integrated cloud based scheduler. Full Job Management system with simple to use drag and drop format with full recurring job profile and maps view.

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Resources e-Library

Your field users no longer need to carry around paper versions of company documents. The perfect Document Management system, fully integrated with version control ensures all users have the latest version of all documents with them at all times

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OCR Data Capture

OCR combines artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and computer vision to intelligently scan documents and extract the required information into usable data with assigned workflows. Effectively any piece of paper or emailed document can be scanned, data extracted and relevant actions triggered on the basis of the data collected and the workflow rules.

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AP Processing

The Formitize Accounts Payable Automation solution intelligently scans and electronically reads data from the supplier invoices, intelligently manages multiple line items, tax discrepancies and calculation errors enabling an invoice received from a supplier to be automatically received, scanned and processed, approved for payment, integrated into the accounting software and electronically archived with complete automation.

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Advanced Drawing Tool

Import a floor plan, take photos, draw on them, add legend icons, comments and tags from within the App plus so much more. The feature rich and fully integrated drawing tool provides one of the app based best drawing tool solutions in the world.

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Form Builder

The simple to use “Drag and Drop” style Form Builder enables you to build your own form in minutes and deploy it instantly to your App. Simple to use and no programming knowledge required, The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) format is a great guide and shows you how your App Form will look as you are building it.

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Photo Streaming

Watch your Management Dashboard as photos from the field stream in providing incredible, real-time visibility of what is happening in the field with searchable tags for future reference and location.

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Email Management

To assist with business compliance, assurance and operational efficiencies, the integrated Email Tracking feature provides full visibility on the status of all emails being managed through the system.

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Taking Card Payments

Formitize enables users to securely accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards from customers all over the world, fully integrated into your existing worksheet and job flows without leaving the App.

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Workflows & Events

The integrated workflow means the status of your forms can change manually or automatically as they move through your workflow. Sections of the form can appear and disappear as the form moves through the workflow with automated communications linked to each change of status

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Incredible Integrations

Formitize includes a full API enabling very powerful integrations with your existing systems and with more than two hundred other cloud based solutions such as Xero, Mailchimp and CapsuleCRM.

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Convert to Job

Here is a BIG time saver you will love! If you have done a Job before and need to do it again, go to the previously submitted form and select the “Convert to Job” button.

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Customized Reports

Build different reports for different recipients from simple email advices to 50-page full colour reports that your mobile workforce can access wherever, whenever.

Two Way Communication

The perfect tool for Risk Assessments, Hot Work Orders, Purchase Orders or any other process that requires two-way communication. Field User submits form, the Supervisor is notified with link to form, on accessing the form is able to add comments and actions and form is re-sent to field user automatically.

Environmentally Friendly

Mobile forms don't require printouts or physical storage. Say goodbye to wasting paper, ink, postage and toner! Not only do you save time and resources, but you also help save the environment.

The Ultimate Free Trial

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