Management portal

Real-time Management Portal

Our powerful web-based management portal lets you see exactly what is happening with your business in real time. See your mobile forms as your mobile workforce sends them from the field. Edit, send, or dispatch a job back to a field agent. Enterprise mobility at its best, all in the palm of your hands, from anywhere in the world.

Real-time Mapping

You can see when a mobile form is submitted, and where it was submitted from as it arrives. Get an overview of your field agents and their paperwork made paperless with our clever mapping dashboard. Efficiency meets productivity and it shows!

Dispatching Jobs

Use the power of the cloud and enterprise mobility as you dispatch jobs to your field agents. Send pre-filled reports straight to their device in seconds! You can even provide relevant resources for the job, all controlled from the management portal. Fast and targeted smart forms ready for your mobile workforce to use!

Integrated Cloud Scheduler

Schedule your people and assets for one-off or recurring work or tasks with the fully integrated cloud scheduler. Monitor the status of all active jobs as they move through the workflow with scheduler, table or map view.

Starting Mobile Forms Online

All forms created can also be completed online through the Management Portal. You can start, edit, save and return to partially completed forms online. For desk-based users, this feature is of great value for items such as request approvals, status updates and workflow updates.

Editing Submitted Smart Forms

Not sure if the right information will come in from the field? Or perhaps you want to review what was submitted later? You can edit, save, and even re-submit smart forms after they have been submitted to the management portal. Just make the necessary changes and send it off to your customers or mobile workforce. Easy editing, sending, and saving makes your paperless forms more accurate than ever!

Resources E-Library

Have all company documents, safety policies, sales literature and more instantly to hand. Upload the document via your Management Portal and all mobile users have instant access latest version of all documentation. The perfect Version Control tool!

Advanced Statistics

Dashboard modules let you view important real-time statistics about your business using enterprise mobility.

Desktop & Tablet Friendly

Manage your business, smart forms and mobile workforce in the office or on the road with our desktop and tablet friendly Dashboard.

Photo Management

Watch your Dashboard Photo Stream in real-time as photos from the field are tagged and ready for viewing, then click through to see the linked form. Perfect tool for competitor analysis, before-and-after photos and so much more

Instant Report Tool

The Instant Report tool enables you to build an instant CSV reports on any single piece of data being collected in any of your mobile forms really quickly and easily. Once created you can save your Report as a template so its ready for next time.

Incredible Integration

With complete API’s and export functions, Formitize loves working with your existing systems. We actively integrate with more than two hundred cloud based solutions globally.

Other Portal Features include:

Professional Form Builder

Simple Drag & Drop Form Building Tool
WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) view as you build
Build mode
Publish mode
Form Action Scenarios
Allocate forms to different User Groups
Attach PDF to submitted form
Clone Forms
Clone Form Sections
Many advanced features

GPS & Location Tracking

Location capture via device GPS
Reporting on submission GPS location
Job GPS and map positioning
Job sequence tracking

Your Custom Branding

Custom logo and colour for App Login page
Custom colour and naming for all App form pages
Custom logo and colour for Management Portal
Custom logo and colour for all PDF documents
Custom PDF report generation
Custom PDF naming using form field data
Custom Email subject using form field data
Custom Email Content and Look
Custom Customer View / Guest Pass of Portal
Custom Naming of Resource Folders

Compliance Register

Powerful tool for workflow processes
Perfect for Non-Compliance, Safety Checks, Pre-Starts and more
Integrate job management
Fully customizable workflow process
Customize the Workflow Steps
Customize the Notification Content
Link automatically to Job Status
Form can be added to as workflow moves
Tabs to indicate workflow status
Automated register numbering for auditing purposes


Internal Dashboard Reminders / Notifications
Internal / External Email Reminders / Notifications
Pre-Event additional notification service
Customizable Content
Automated Recurring Profiles for ongoing reminders


Multi-step Workflow options
Automated Form Submission Actions
Sending an email
Sending a PDF (fully customizable)
Inserting a Database Record
Updating a Database Record
Emailing an XML
Or utilizing the Integration and API tools
Status Set
Custom Email Subject and PDF Naming
Set Staus / Require Status Rules
Auto Add Resource Doc to emails
Delayed Dispatch option
Timed Dispatch option
Send to Feature based on form field responses
See also Compliance Register for advanced workflow features

Guest Pass - Management Portal

Enable external third parties to view related portal modules
Fully customizable on a per user basis
Integrated communications

Reporting & Data Export

Data export to CSV, HTML, PDF, XML, JSON, API, Email, Google Doc, Box, Dropbox
Advanced data filtering and querying capabilities
Dashboard Reporting & statistics
Photo Scrolling
GPS submission mapping
HTML reporting
Designed Default PDF generation
Customize PDF generation
PDF auto-generation & auto-dispatch from device or Portal
Advanced Statistics and Reporting
External Integration Connections

Email Tracking

Fully integrated email delivery tracking
Monitor delivery status and history
Real-time bounce notifications
Scheduled delivery reporting

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