Schedule your People and Assets

Formitize Scheduler, Asset & Job Management System

Welcome to the powerful Formitize Scheduler, Asset & Job Management System.

We have kept the look and process as uncomplicated as possible, but don’t let that fool you - there are many powerful features hidden beneath the clean, simple surface.

The Scheduler is cloud based - meaning multiple people can work simultaneously on the Scheduler from anywhere in the world.

Schedule Your People

Schedule all of your People on one clean, simple and really easy-to-follow calendar-based scheduler.

Creating a New Job

You can create a New Job quickly and easily by either:

As you move the cursor, the time and date are visible, simply click where you want the job to start and drag to when you expect the job to finish. Once you complete the click and drag, the Job Sheet will automatically open ready for you to add any other items such as Job Number.

Add Additional People to Created Job

Add additional People to a Job by simply dragging the new persons name from the People menu on the left and dropping it on to the created Job in the Scheduler.

Add additional People to a Job by simply dragging the new persons name from the People menu on the left and dropping it on to the created Job in the Scheduler.

The original person assigned to the Job will be called the “Job Leader” and associated forms will be sent to that person only.

The Job Status for the Job Leader will be in full colour while the Status for additional people assigned to the same job will be a lighter tint of the original colour.

All colours and tints change together as the status of the job changes.

Add Assets to a Job

Add Assets to a job by simply dragging the Asset Name from the Asset list on the left on to the created Job in the People section. If you move the Job, all linked people and assets move with it.

Add the Forms Required

Add the forms required for the job and if you want to, pre-populate the smart forms with known information such as Customer Name, Address, Job Number and so on.

Multiple Forms for a Job

You can add multiple forms to a job. All forms must be completed before the job can be completed. Select the different forms you wish to add to the job and you will see them appear below. You can pre-populate any of the forms with known information prior to Dispatch. You will see a tab for “Common” Fields - this reveals all common fields for the forms selected so that you only need to enter that information once.

User Notified with Route Guidance

The Field User will receive a notification that they have received a New Job together with route guidance from their current location to the Job location.

Moving and Re-scheduling Jobs

Jobs can easily be moved and re-scheduled with a simple drag and drop with the Users Job List automatically updated in the App

Monitor the Job Status

The Scheduler monitors the current status of all Jobs from:

The colour of the Job automatically changes in the scheduler as the Job status changes in the field. Jobs missed or to be re-scheduled can be dragged and dropped to relocate on the scheduler or right click to return the Job the Unassigned Jobs list

Instant View of all Job Details

Simply Rollover the Job to see all key details including:
     Customer Name
     Job Number
     Order Number
     Job Notes
     Due Date
     Start Time
     Job Duration

Multiple Views

View the Scheduler in Day, Week, or Month format

And then in Map, Hybrid (Map and Scheduler), Scheduler or List View

Map View

Map view provides a geo location map overview of all active jobs with some great features:
     View all jobs for the day for all Users
     View jobs filtered by individual Users
     The Job Location Markers on the Map change colour in line with the Job Status

Unassigned Jobs

All Unassigned Jobs are listed on the right hand side of the Scheduler and are assigned by simply dragging and dropping the Job onto the Schedule

You can filter Unassigned Jobs by “Day,” “Week,” or “All.”

You can additionally filter by Job Title, Job Type, Job Status or for a given Date Range

Recurring Jobs

Recurring Profiles include:
     Start Time
     Start Date
     Duration of Job
     Recurring every Day, Week, Fortnight, Month, Bi-Monthly, Quarter, Year
     Amount of Repeats
     Create the Job X days before next date

It will then show the next scheduled date for confirmation.

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